Archean Greenstone Belts by Kent C. Condie

By Kent C. Condie

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R. Williams (1973, 1975a) has further divided the Eastern Goldfields subprovince into three 35 regions (Fig. 1-15). The Southern Cross region on the west is characterized by arcuate, synformal greenstone belts with a northerly trend. The Laverton region on the east contains greenstone belts that are somewhat more linear and occur in antiformal as well as synformal structures. The Kalgoorlie region is a wedge-shaped region which lies between the Southern Cross and Laverton regions. It is characterized by higher metamorphic grades, structural complexity, at least two ages of greenstone belts, an abundance of nickel sulfide occurrences, and a near absence of banded iron formation.

Y. and involves an evolving convection system beginning with many small cells which increase in size and eventually fuse giving rise t o one earth-wide cell. Widespread orogeny occurs at the beginning of each cycle and is caused by the existence of many small convection cells. Why such a cycle should repeat itself four times during earth history is not specified in the model. R. St. J. y. event may be related to the onset of deep convection in the earth. E. y. while the moon stays in an orbit close to the ecliptic plane at all times.

The province is comprised of both 41 36’ 30’ I a a N 0 loo PrOterOzoic Gmnlte Greenstone T e r m Structural Trends 2 p Km Fig. 1-18. R. , 1968 ; reproduced by permission of the National Research Council of Canada). high-grade and granite-greenstone terranes, although the latter has only been recently recognized as such (Mascarenhas, 1973; Wernick, 1979, 1980). Nine greenstone belts of Archean or probable Archean age have been recognized in this province (Fig. 1-19). Although structural trends in the province are complex due to polyphase deformation and later reworking during the Proterozoic, northerly trends are common.

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