Archaic Logic: Symbol and Structure in Heraclitus, by Raymond A. Prier

By Raymond A. Prier

Publication by way of Prier, Raymond A.

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97. "Diese Ausdruckweise ist sehr alt und in verschiedenen Sprachen zu einem eigentlichen Reziprositätspronomen erstarrt. So im Altindischen in mehreren Formen und im Altiranischen". 42. Schwyzer, op. cit. 65. 43. Ibid. 573-574. 44. The expression "privative" interestingly enough comes to us via Aristotle and Cicero. Cf. Wackernagel, op. cit. 284. 45. One could speculate that although words compounded with the alpha-prefix are in use at all times in the language, the meaning of the phenomenon is revealed more clearly in the earlier literature, for here it is easier to argue that an alpha-privative somehow includes its opposite (the positive).

Although it deals primarily with the two gods, Apollo and Hermes, there is a clear indication that Hermes inhabits the realms of men and gods equally. His mother, in a significant formulaic usage of the opposed terms, describes him as one begotten as a worry for both men and gods (ßejakrjv σε πατήρ βφύτ€νσ€ μέρψνανΙΰνητοϊς ανϋρ ώποισι και α&ανάτοισι deoCai — 160-161). He is compared to both men and gods in his degree of delusiveness (338-339). e τις αθανάτων ήέ δνητών άν&ρώπων / δώρον ayavov 'έδωκβ...

1 6 In the middle of 43, he again begins to speak specifically of the content of the Muses' song as he did in lines 11-21, but in this instance, he offers a historical description of the genealogy rather than an emphatic one — an opposite treatment from his previous exposition where he placed the most important generation first. From the beginning (εξ αρχής) the two sexual and cosmological polarities, Earth and Heaven, beget the gods. The Muses celebrate this genealogy first ( 4 3 4 6 ) . Second (δεύτερον) they sing of Zeus, father of gods and men ( 4 7 4 9 ) - once again providing us with a phrase pregnant with logical and genealogical possibilities: δεύτεροι abre Ζήνα, ύεών •πατέρ' ηδέ και ανδρών — 47.

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