An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Creativity: Think by J. Y. F. Lau

By J. Y. F. Lau

This ebook is ready the elemental rules that underlie serious pondering and creativity. nearly all of the content material is on serious considering due to the fact extra issues are obviously concerned and because they are often mentioned with ease and systematically. the previous couple of chapters are dedicated to creativity and study method, now not commonplace the book’s plethora of pageant. each one bankruptcy introduces a selected subject, often by means of introducing the suitable theories along side real looking examples that exhibit how the theories may be utilized. each one bankruptcy concludes with a collection of routines whose ideas are particular on the rear of the publication. whereas the writing type is purposefully casual, the presentation is whole, a minimum of with admire to the meant introductory point.

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2000). So it turns out that the researcher's conclusion is just the opposite of the initial impression! Unfortunately this kind of selective quotation, or quote mining, is very common. We have to be very careful and if we are suspicious we should try and look up the original sources ourselves. 4 Category mistake A category mistake also distorts meaning. This is to assign a property to an object when it is logically impossible for an object of that kind to have the property in question. The famous linguist Noam Chomsky gave a well-known example of a grammatical yet incoherent sentence: Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

Take the question of whether nonhuman animals have language. To answer this question, we should be more precise about what language means. If it refers to any system of communication, then obviously birds and other animals have languages, since they do communicate with each other. On the other hand, language might also be used in a different sense, requiring the use of words to form sentences according to a system of grammar or being able to communicate about arbitrary objects and situations, including those that might be far away and distant in time.

BILLY : They are not corrupt, so they are not real politicians. Billy seems to be suggesting that a person cannot be a "real" politician unless that person is corrupt. But a real politician is just the same as a politician and both Mandela and Havel have been presidents of their own countries and active in political affairs, so there is no reason why they should not be considered as politicians. " But Billy's maneuver is not atypical. Many people try to distort the meaning of a term X by making similar stipulations about what a "real X" must be like.

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