Algorithms and Parallel VLSI Architectures III. Proceedings by Marc Moonen and Francky Catthoor (Eds.)

By Marc Moonen and Francky Catthoor (Eds.)

Content material:

, Pages v-vi
Algorithms and Parallel VLSI Architectures

, Pages 1-9, F. Catthoor, M. Moonen
Subspace tools in process identity and resource Localization

, Pages 13-23, P.A. Regalia
Pipelining the Inverse Updates RLS Array by way of Algorithmic Engineering

, Pages 25-36, J.G. McWhirter, I.K. Proudler
Hierarchical sign circulation Graph illustration of the Square-Root Covariance Kalman Filter

, Pages 37-48, D.W. Brown, F.M.F. Gaston
A Systolic set of rules for Block-Regularized RLS Identification

, Pages 49-60, J. Schier
Numerical research of a Normalized RLS filter out utilizing a chance Description of Propagated Data

, Pages 61-72, J. Kadlec
Adaptive Approximate Rotations for Computing the Symmetric EVD

, Pages 73-84, J. Götze, G.J. Hekstra
Parallel Implementation of the Double Bracket Matrix circulation for Eigenvalue-Eigenvector Computation and Sorting

, Pages 85-96, N. Saxena, J.J. Clark
Parallel Block Iterative Solvers for Heterogeneous Computing Environments

, Pages 97-108, M. Arioli, A. Drummond, I.S. Duff, D. Ruiz
Efficient VLSI structure for Residue to Binary Converter

, Pages 109-115, G.C. Cardarilli, R. Lojacono, M. Re, M. Salerno
A Case research in Algorithm-Architecture Codesign: Accelerator for lengthy Integer Arithmetic

, Pages 119-130, C. Riem, J. König, L. Thiele
An Optimisation method for Mapping a variety set of rules for imaginative and prescient right into a Modular and versatile Array Architecture

, Pages 131-141, J. Rosseel, F. Catthoor, T. Gijbels, P. Six, L. Van Gool, H. De Man
A Scalable layout for Dictionary Machines

, Pages 143-154, T. Duboux, A. Ferreira, M. Gastaldo
Systolic Implementation of Smith and Waterman set of rules on a SIMD Coprocessor

, Pages 155-166, D. Archambaud, I. Saraiva Silva, J. Penné
Architecture and Programming of Parallel Video sign Processors

, Pages 167-178, K.A. Vissers, G. Essink, P.H.J. Van Gerwen, P.J.M. Janssen, O. Popp, E. Riddersma, H.J.M. Veendrick
A hugely Parallel unmarried Chip Video sign Processor

, Pages 179-190, ok. Rönner, J. Kneip, P. Pirsch
A reminiscence effective, Programmable Multi-Processor structure for Real-Time movement Estimation sort Algorithms

, Pages 191-202, E. De Greef, F. Catthoor, H. De Man
Instruction-Level Parallelism in Asynchronous Processor Architectures

, Pages 203-214, D.K. Arvind, V.E.F. Rebello
High pace wooden Inspection utilizing a Parallel VLSI Architecture

, Pages 215-226, M. corridor, A. ström
Convex Exemplar structures: Scalable Parallel Processing

, Pages 227-234, J. Van Kats
Modelling the 2-D FCT on a Multiprocessor System

, Pages 235-244, C.A. Christopoulos, A.N. Skodras, J. Cornelis
Parallel Grep

, Pages 245-256, J. Champeau, L. Le Pape, B. Pottier
Compiling for hugely Parallel Architectures: A Perspective

, Pages 259-270, P. Feautrier
DIV, flooring, CEIL, MOD and STEP features in Nested Loop courses and Linearly Bounded Lattices

, Pages 271-282, %. Held, A.C.J. Kienhuis
Uniformisation thoughts for Reducible vital Recurrence Equations

, Pages 283-294, L. Rapanotti, G.M. Megson
HOPP — A Higher-Order Parallel Programming Model

, Pages 295-306, R. Rangaswami
Design through Transformation of Synchronous Descriptions

, Pages 307-318, G. Durrieu, M. Lemaître
Heuristics for assessment of Array Expressions on cutting-edge hugely Parallel Machines

, Pages 319-330, V. Bouchitté, P. Boulet, A. Darte, Y. Robert
On elements proscribing the new release of effective Compiler-Parallelized Programs

, Pages 331-339, M.R. Werth, P. Feautrier
From Dependence research to conversation Code new release: The “Look Forwards” Model

, Pages 341-352, Ch. Reffay, G.-R. Perrin
Mapping complicated picture Processing Algorithms onto Heterogeneous Multiprocessors relating to structure based functionality Parameters

, Pages 353-364, M. Schwiegershausen, M. Schönfeld, P. Pirsch
Optimal communique for a Graph dependent DSP Chip Compiler

, Pages 365-376, H.-K. Kim
Resource-Constrained software program Pipelining for High-Level Synthesis of DSP Systems

, Pages 377-388, F. Sánchez, J. Cortadella
A transportable Testbed for comparing various techniques to dispensed good judgment Simulation

, Pages 389-400, P. Luksch
A Simulator for Optical Parallel computing device Architectures

, Pages 401-412, N. Langloh, H. Sahli, A. Damianakis, M. Mertens, J. Cornelis
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, Page 413

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2. Using algorithmic engineering techniques, numerous systolic architectures can be obtained by projecting the 3-D HSFG in various planes. HSFG Representation of the SRCKF 43 3. A formal design method for systolic architectures has been shown using HSFGs. Acknowledgements The authors gratefullyacknowledge the support of the Defence Research Agency, M~Ivern and the financial assistance given by the Department of Education for Northern Ireland. M. Jover and T. ", Automatica, 1986, Vol. l, pp. 43-57.

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