Agile Model-Based Development Using UML-RSDS by Kevin Lano

By Kevin Lano

This ebook describes the suggestions and alertness of model-based improvement (MBD), version alterations, and Agile MBD to quite a lot of software program structures. It covers platforms standards engineering, approach specification and layout, verification, reuse, and approach composition within the context of Agile MBD. Examples of purposes in finance, method migration, net platforms and software program refactoring are given. a longtime open-source MBD expertise, UML-RSDS, is used all through to demonstrate the concepts.

The ebook is appropriate for business practitioners who desire education in Agile MBD, and people who have to comprehend the problems to be thought of while introducing MBD in an commercial context. it's also compatible for tutorial researchers, and to be used as textual content for undergraduate or postgraduate classes in MBD. Examples for academic use of UML-RSDS are incorporated within the book.

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1 shows the class diagram which models this data. 1 35 The class diagram editor The class diagram editor is the main panel of the UML-RSDS tools. txt ) of the UML-RSDS metamodel. Print and Exit options are also on the File menu. txt ). Create menu: options Class – create an entity type, including interfaces and abstract classes Type – create an enumerated type Association – create an association between two classes or between a class and itself Inheritance – draw an inheritance arrow from the subclass to the superclass (the superclass must be an abstract class or an interface) Association Class – create an association class Invariant – introduce a constraint for a class or for the system.

A class diagram at the language Class Diagrams 51 level is often called a metamodel because its classes (or entity types) have instances at the (application) model level. In turn, an application model has instances at the instance model (program execution) level. 14 shows the relationships between the different model levels. txt by the UML-RSDS tools. ). 14: Modelling levels Our application-level class diagram (Fig. 1) can be partly represented as an instance of the language-level class diagram (Fig.

12: Aggregation example The form of aggregation we use in UML-RSDS is the strong concept of the parts being owned by the whole, known as composition. 1 multiplicity at the ‘whole’ end (the end with the black diamond), and * multiplicity at the ‘part’ end. The semantics of aggregations is the same as for associations except that aggregations cause deletion propagation from the whole to the parts: when a whole object is deleted, so are all its attached parts, in the same execution step. br →isDeleted (), even if the association is optional at the A end.

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