Aelius Aristides between Greece, Rome, and the Gods by W.V. Harris, Brooke Holmes, W. V. Harris

By W.V. Harris, Brooke Holmes, W. V. Harris

Filthy rich, immodest, hypochondriac (or possibly simply an invalid), obsessively non secular, the orator Aelius Aristides (117 to approximately one hundred eighty) isn't the most enticing determine of his age, yet simply because he's one of many best-known - and he's in detail recognized, because of his "Sacred stories" - his works are an important resource for the cultural and spiritual and political historical past of Greece below the Roman Empire. The papers accumulated right here, the fruit of a convention held at Columbia in 2007, shape the main extreme examine of Aristides and his context to were released because the vintage paintings of Charles Behr 40 years in the past.

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46 Thuc. F. Smith). 47 Panathenaic Oration 222. Aristides also keeps silent over what follows: the Athenians felt so offended that they broke the alliance they had entered into with the Spartans against the Persians (Thuc. 102). Luv a:7tUOLV eawtl'm), and it judged well and with a regard for how matters stood. 48 It is natural therefore that Aristides' narrative of the Pentakontaetia period and the Peloponnesian War is strongly opposed to the historian's. The Athens of Aristides never appears aggressive or repressive; it never acts out of revenge.

352 and Soph. T. Berolin. ). 39 C£ ~ cod. Paris. 2995, Hermes 48 (1913) 319. = 89W2 @* 60 42 21 55,65 or 147) FGE@63 4338 FGE@*6345 FGE@ 64, also @ Or. de rna Hdt. 250] @66 47 PMG 947a&b @67. 327W extensively @ 137-14049 IILaljYlh;LQov 'ta~ O\jJEL~: or is this a recollection of 3UI and lO5(a)? 5, Popl. Pol. 1. 6 FGE. 43 But Aristides cites a different pentameter from Lycurgus in Leoer. lO8-lO9: E'K'tELvav M~lIwv EVVEU ~uQLUl\a~ instead of XQuompoQwv M~lIwv EO'toQEoav Mva~Lv. For the problem, FGE, 225-231.

2. 69 Thuc. 1. Marincola 1997, 95-117 (esp. 95--g7). 70 71 72 73 74 Thuc. 1. Thuc. 4.

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