A Guide to Wear Problems and Testing for Industry by MJ Neale and M Gee (Auth.)

By MJ Neale and M Gee (Auth.)

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It also needs to be remembered that while these tests are to measure the adhesive wear resistance of materials, in practice the surfaces may be lubricated. It may therefore be desirable to carry out repeat tests with lubricants present on the surfaces. 54 Wear Problems and Testing for Industry It is also critically important with these simplified tests that the whole test machine is designed with a high level of engineering understanding. For example, the friction forces can be high and potentially variable, which can give rise to vibration as well as resulting wear track variation and friction measurement errors.

The particular result of interest in fretting tests is not usually so much any actual wear rate, but is more related to the surface finish changes and surface cracking which the fretting tends to produce. This is particularly significant because in dynamically loaded components, it is these features which give rise to subsequent component structural failure by fatigue. 5 Cavitation erosion A test arrangement that can be used for cavitation erosion tests is shown in Fig. 6. In this arrangement the cavitation is created cyclically by the use of a high-frequency oscillatory drive, commonly using magneto-striction or piezo-electric effects.

Bush on a rotating shaft N N~~ Piston ring and cylinder segments with reciprocating motion N indicates movement F indicates externally applied force Fig. 4 Fretting The test arrangements that have been used for testing materials and surface treatments for their resistance to fretting are shown in Fig. 5. Fretting occurs when there are small oscillatory movements between heavily loaded metal surfaces. These are typically the joint faces of components clamped together or fitted with an interference fit.

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