A first book of C++ by Gary J Bronson; Marie Lee

By Gary J Bronson; Marie Lee

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Forgetting to enclose a string sent to cout with double quotation marks. Forgetting the \n to indicate a new line. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth errors in this list tend to be the most common. A worthwhile practice is writing a program and introducing each error, one at a time, to see what error messages your compiler produces. When these error messages appear as a result of inadvertent errors, you’ll have had experience in understanding the messages and correcting the errors. 6 Chapter Summary 1.

For this exercise, assume that only $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, and $1 bills are available. b. Repeat Exercise 6a, but assume the bill is to be paid only in $1 bills. 7. (Practice) a. Write an algorithm to locate the first occurrence of the name JEAN in a list of names arranged in random order. b. Discuss how you could improve your algorithm for Exercise 7a if the list of names were arranged in alphabetical order. 8. (Practice) Determine and write an algorithm to sort three numbers in ascending (from lowest to highest) order.

Write an algorithm for converting the input items into output items. 5. (Practice) A C++ program is required to determine how far a car has traveled after 10 seconds, assuming the car is initially traveling at 60 mph and the driver applies the brakes to decelerate at a uniform rate of 12 miles/sec2. Use the following formula: distance = st - (1/2)dt2 a. b. c. d. s is the initial speed of the car. d is the deceleration. t is the elapsed time. For this programming problem, how many outputs are required?

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