A comprehensive introduction to object-oriented programming by C. Thomas Wu

By C. Thomas Wu

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The aim of community functionality research is to enquire how traffic-management mechanisms deployed within the community have an effect on the allocation of assets among its clients and the functionality they event. This subject could be studied by means of the development of types of site visitors administration mechanisms and staring at how they practice through using them to a few circulate of community site visitors.

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This publication introduces Modula-2 via an object-oriented programming technique which has been constructed during the last 5 years at the BSc and MSc desktop technology classes at Hatfield. bankruptcy 1 introduces the most beneficial properties of Modula-2 via an instance software, while bankruptcy 2 introduces the strategies required for object-oriented application layout.

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Before we describe the components of a computer, we will explain the binary numbering system used in a computer. Binary Numbers To understand the binary number system, let’s first review the decimal number system in which we use 10 digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. To represent a number in the decimal system, we use a sequence of one or more of these digits. The value that each digit in the sequence represents depends on its position. For example, consider the numbers 234 and 324. The digit 2 in the first number represents 200, whereas the digit 2 in the second number represents 20.

Latte and Mr. Espresso. 2. What must be defined before you can create an object? qxd 18 12/12/06 Chapter 1 17:24 Page 18 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and Software Development Notice the name of a class is not underlined while the name of an object is. We use a rectangle to represent a class with its name appearing inside the rectangle. 3 A graphical representation of a class. Many beginning programmers may not see the distinction between the class and object as clearly as the more experienced programmers do.

2 Messages and Methods message method class and instance methods In writing object-oriented programs we must first define classes, and while the program is running, we use the classes and objects from these classes to accomplish tasks. A task can range from adding two numbers, to computing an interest payment for a college loan, to calculating the reentry angle of a space shuttle. To instruct a class or an object to perform a task, we send a message to it. For example, we send a message deposit to an Account object to deposit $100.

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